Richard Diebenkorn – Was $60, Now $29.98

Beloved artist Richard Diebenkorn (1922 1993) is best known for paintings that powerfully evoke the California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. A West Coast native, Diebenkorn captured the light and color of the land and sea in a way that resonates with anyone who has spent time there. This volume contains a biographical introduction by Sarah C. Bancroft, an essay on Diebenkorn s influences by Steven Nash, and an essay on Diebenkorn s works on paper by Edith Devaney. Together these bring the artist s rich, four-decade-long career into focus. The book covers Diebenkorn s three distinct periods, which saw him gain recognition as a leading Abstract Expressionist in the early 1950s, then turn to figurative painting, before embarking on a highly successful period of abstract paintings and drawings the Ocean Park Series. It is the perfect introduction to the work of this seminal California artist.”